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Wire rope model (EHW & AH series)




  • Air motor is engineered with rotary vane system which 7 pieces of vanes make a rotor rotate with air pressure. 7 pieces of vanes are equipped in a rotor installed in a biased cylinder and they are able to slide to radius direction.
  • Reduction gears are planetary gears which are small and light and further capable of large speed reducing ratio. Reduction gears are heat-treated gears.
  • Control valve contains 2 spool valves of spring return type which has 2 position and 3 port. Valve is operated by the lever switch connected to a spool.
  • Brake for EHW series realizes excellent braking capability due to both a durable and secured cone brake connected with a control valve and engine brake effect generated by a typical air motor.
Chain model (EHL & AT series)






  • A rotor is equipped with a biased cylinder and further the rotor has 7 pieces of vane which is able to slide to radius direction. These are regarded as the rotary vane air motor that the air pressure makes a rotor rotate using 7 pieces of vane.
  • Reduction gears are engineered with planetary gear system composed of 2 step reduction(3 step reduction for EHL-1TS to EHL-6TW), which are capable of large reduction ratio and light and small. Further gears are treated with heat and have sufficient strength.
  • Control valve is composed of a spring return type spool valve of direct driving, 3 positions and 5 ports. Valve is operated by a valve lever connected with a spool(valve cone)
  • A disc brake is adopted for brake mechanism, which is durable and sufficient. The brake makes the most of air motor characteristics.
  • The surface hardened chains are used for ENDO air hoists and they are excellent for performing tightness and tough against wear.
Air motor trolley


  • The machine contributes to reducing the worker fatigue with comfortable work.
  • The machine is available for chemical plants and hazardous circumstance due to air motor.
  • The machine plays their active parts in the work requiring high speed operation such as lifting.
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