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DEAN ABRASIVE Product (Abrasive, Grinding Wheel, Diamond Wheel, Resin Bond Wheel, etc.)
DEAN Abrasive its a company has more than 40 years in grinding filed. Until now, DEAN continue to serve customers with their passion and professional knowledge.

DEAN provide a comprehensive range of industrial abrasives, which include both bonded and coated products, to complement their own brand. In addition, DEAN offer OEM and ODM service. Not only do DEAN sell grinding wheels ,cutting wheels, sanding discs, mounted points, segments, dressing sticks, diamond CBN wheels, but also DEAN is committed to their client for helping them design customized products and available to recommend applications along with assistance relating to operational issues. DEAN supply all sorts of grinding wheel you need with on time delivery. Using the optional PC adapter, the CNX wireless troubleshooting system can track up to 10 measurement modules simultaneously, with results sent to a PC for further analysis.
Polishing Stones AAA
Polishing Stone with a good quality and a great result.
Application :
Surface lapping after EDM processing for general Mold.
Application :
Surface stoning after EDM processing for general Mold.
Application :
Polish before mirror finishing for plastic mold
Ceramic Stone and Polishing Stone
Polishing stones are what you need to put the desired finish on the parts that you have been casting. Whether die cast, injection molded or accomplished via any other process, your parts may have uneven edges where your mold fits together.
Ceramic Stone is high finishing efficiency. Ideal for precise polishing of free surfaces of various forming molds. Can be used in narrow areas where common abrasive stones cannot be used because of breaking.
Abrasive and SuperAbrasive Grinding Wheel
We supply what customers need of abrasive product. With a good quality and competitive price.
Abrasive :
Centerless Grinding, Clydrical Grinding, Surface Grinding, Internal Grinding, Tool Grinding, Etc
Super Abrasive :
Diamond Wheel, CBN, PCD, Etc
Mounted Point Stone
Mounted Point from Taiwan.
There are so many different types of shapes, sizes, also roughness.
Application :
Polishing, Finishing for material general steel, Alloy Steel, Tool Steel, Cast Iron, Non Ferrous Metal, Rubber, Stone, Plastic.
Associated with accumulative experiences and introduction to new technology researches and develops the products to make a contribution to industry community.
Speed, Service, Specialize and Innovation
Saenikki abrasive
MIPOX (Polishing Film, Vario Film)
For more than 35 years, our polishing technology supported the improvement of recording density for the hard disk drive industry.
Presently, this advance polishing technology has expanded to include other high-tech applications such as semiconductors, fiber optics, communications and flat panel displays.
MIPOX continues to push the envelope to achieve ever smoother surfaces.
Daiwa Rabin (Rubberized Mounted Point)
polishing is softly, that is “DAIWA RABIN”
“DAIWA RABIN” provides an evenly polished surface without leaving any deep scratches, unlike conventional papers and hard grinding stones, reducing the number of processes and improving surface roughness.
“DAIWA RABIN” is possible to operate continuously for aluminum die cast due to it won’t leave any scratches and cause clogging easily.
“DAIWA RABIN” provides the most suitable product for de-burring that is troublesome with a wide range of materials, sizes and any shapes.
“DAIWA RABIN” has sharpness enough for grinding and removing tooling marks and burrs even high hardened work materials (such as SKD, HSS and FCD that are around HRCGO). It is also able to remove weld bead of stainless steel and make a polished surface when it is thin.
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