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VST80 VA line stripper
Compatible with eco wire φ1.6 × 2 core, φ2.0 × 2 core, φ1.6 × 3 core, of φ2.0 × 3 core. Such as hardness and thickness of the coating is slightly different on the manufacturer Eco-wire, but by adjusting the blade with adjustment screw, you can molting clean.
VST50VVF stripper
VST50 ¥ 10,840 (price is excluding tax display.)
φ2mm, 3 core (VVF) is easily molting. I can molt of VVF of four.
VST25 mini stripper
VST25 ¥ 6,680 (price is excluding tax display.)
Line can be infinitely molting than single line-up φ0.25 ~ 2.6mm wire diameter.
LW25 large diameter cable stripper
LW25 ¥ 7,780 (price is excluding tax display.)
I can easily break away end and the middle of the thick wire.
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